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Textiel Innovatie Fonds Textiel Innovatie Fonds

Textiel Innovatie Fonds

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Textile innovation

TIF stands for innovation in textile business: from fibre to bits, and from strings to sensors.

Growth capital

TIF provides equity capital for companies, both majority and minority interests are possible

Management & Expertise

TIF provides management and expertise throughout the entire process: from investment until buyout

Scale up!

Ready for the next step? TIF helps textile innovation to the next level. So are you ready to scale up?

TIF motivates entrepreneurs in the textile sector to choose innovation

Textile Innovation Fund

The Textile Innovation Fund focuses on onnovative companies in the textile sector in various directions. Fiber technology, digital applications, innovation in the supply chain, sustainable development, the internet of things. You name it!

Investment criteria

We are looking for companies with a proven market and/or track record. They manifest as a scale up company with a mission: applying new technologies to the market. It is about growth capital, with both majority and minority interest as a possibility.


Innovation is an ongoing process, that comes with targets, but not with deadlines.

Your vision, our capital

makes innovation tangible

TIF provides a platform to innovation in the textile sector. Availability of growth capital strengthens the current business environment for the development of sustainable, new technologies. TIF aims to be the compass on the route of innovation towards and results.